Who Are The Top Contenders To Be The Cover Athlete For MLB The Show 23?

MLB The Show 23 is an upcoming video game which fans are eagerly awaiting. The cover athlete for the game is always a topic of conversation leading up to its release. Many players from around the league are in contention for this honor, but only one will ultimately be chosen. It’s a prestigious title that signifies excellence and recognition as one of the best in the sport.

As the anticipation builds for MLB The Show 23, fans and industry insiders alike are speculating about who will be featured on its cover. Some top contenders include Fernando Tatis Jr., Shohei Ohtani, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. All three players have had standout seasons and continue to make waves in the baseball world.

While these players are certainly worthy candidates, there are others that may surprise us with their inclusion as the cover athlete for the game. Perhaps someone like Juan Soto or Ronald Acuña Jr. could emerge as favorites over time.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for any breaking news or announcements regarding MLB The Show 23’s cover athlete, as it can drastically impact the popularity of both the player and game itself.

Looks like being on the cover of MLB The Show is the ultimate curse – with athletes falling from grace faster than a knuckleball in a hurricane.

Who is Going to be the Cover Athlete for MLB the Show 23

With each passing year, MLB The Show selects its cover athlete with much anticipation. Here’s a look at the accomplished ballplayers that have graced the front of the game in recent years.

  • Mike Trout – Cover Athlete MLB The Show 19
  • Bryce Harper – Cover Athlete MLB The Show 18
  • Ken Griffey Jr. – Cover Athlete MLB The Show 17 Legendary Edition

While all three players are outstanding in their own right, what sets them apart is their distinguished careers and impressive records. Fans have relished getting to step into their shoes within the game. Interestingly, with past cover athletes having such a significant impact on fans and enthusiasts alike, it’s always interesting to see who will be chosen for future installments of the game.

One unique thing about MLB The Show covers is that they typically try to showcase an emerging or established talent as opposed to someone in the twilight of his career. This creates excitement around the league for young players who might be on track for greatness.

It’s worth noting that although there is usually only one official cover athlete each year, alternative covers have been created for specific locations featuring different players reflecting local interests and tastes.

In summary, past cover athletes such as Trout, Harper, and Griffey Jr. have played a crucial role in keeping fans excited about playing and buying new editions of MLB The Show. So while 2023’s official cover athlete remains unknown, we can rest assured knowing that whoever it ends up being will be joining some prestigious ranks. Being the best player on the field is no guarantee for being the face on the game case, just ask any Madden curse survivor.

Top Criteria in Selecting Cover Athletes 

For Selecting Cover Athletes, there are some top criteria taken into consideration. These criteria include athlete’s popularity, recent performance, and social media following. MLB The Show 23 will also consider an athlete’s marketability, appeal to a wide audience, and overall impact on the game.

PopularityThe athlete should be well-known among baseball fans.
Recent PerformanceAthlete’s recent performances must have been strong in their respective leagues.
Social Media FollowingThe player should have a significant number of followers on social media platforms.

Furthermore, the chosen athlete is expected to create positive media attention for the game. Apart from this, an ideal athlete will move with the latest trends in fashion and other entertainment industries.

In light of these top criteria for selecting cover athletes for MLB The Show 23 currently being evaluated by Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., it may be suggested that potential cover athletes should make efforts to increase their social media presence as well as their public visibility through participation in charity events or community service activities. They could also work to develop quality relationships with reporters and journalists covering baseball games through interviews or focus groups. These tactics would increase an athlete’s marketability and add an element of authenticity that fans appreciate.

Brace yourselves for the ultimate showdown as these baseball gods battle it out for the elusive MLB The Show 23 cover, but remember, it’s not about who wins the game, it’s about who wins the cover.

Potential Top Contenders for MLB The Show 23 

To predict the next athlete to feature on the cover of MLB The Show 23, we must consider the top contenders for the coveted spot. These potential candidates are well-known players who have proven their skills and popularity amongst fans.

Below is a table showcasing these potential contenders, their statistics, and their achievements.

ContenderTeamBatting AverageHome RunsAchievements
Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels.257462021 AL MVP, Silver Slugger, All-Star
Juan SotoWashington Nationals.313292021 All-Star, 2020 NL batting champion
Bryce HarperPhiladelphia Phillies.309352015 NL MVP, 6-time All-Star, 2-time Silver Slugger
Vlad Guerrero Jr.Toronto Blue Jays.319482021 All-Star, 2021 AL HR champion, 2021 AL batting champ
Fernando Tatis Jr.San Diego Padres.281422021 All-Star, 2020 Silver Slugger, 2019 NL Rookie of the Year

These athletes have a strong chance of being chosen to grace the cover of MLB The Show 23. However, there are other factors that come into play, such as contractual obligations, marketing strategies, and fan preferences.

It is worth noting that the athlete chosen for the cover often has a significant impact on sales and popularity of the game. For example, when Jackie Robinson was featured on the cover of MLB The Show 18, it created a wave of excitement and recognition for his significant contribution to the sport of baseball.

In a similar vein, fans are eagerly waiting to see who will be chosen next to inspire and hype the upcoming game. Ultimately, time will tell which contender will come out on top and claim the cover spot for MLB The Show 23.

Move over, Mr. Padre, there’s a new Tatis in town vying for the MLB The Show 23 cover.

Fernando Tatis Jr.

This talented player has been making waves in the baseball community with his impressive skills on and off the field. His unique style of play has earned him recognition as one of the top potential contenders for MLB The Show 23. Tatis Jr.’s incredible defensive agility and powerful hitting abilities make him a force to be reckoned with. His magnetic personality and leadership skills have also proven invaluable to his team’s success. It is no surprise that he is a favorite among fans and scouts alike.

Moreover, Tatis Jr.’s background and family history add to his fascinating story. He comes from a long line of successful athletes, including his father who played in Major League Baseball himself. This upbringing instilled in him a strong work ethic and passion for the game at an early age.

As for Tatis Jr.’s future prospects, only time will tell where his career will take him. However, one thing is certain – he is a rising star in the world of baseball with limitless potential.

Juan Soto may be young, but his batting skills are older than your grandpa’s vintage baseball cards.

Juan Soto

Soto’s smooth swing and impeccable eye at the plate are characteristics that make him stand out from other players in the league. At only 22 years old, he has already established himself as one of the best hitting prospects in baseball. Additionally, Soto’s defensive capabilities have steadily improved throughout his short career thus far.

Furthermore, Soto’s impressive playoff performances have cemented his status as a clutch player. In fact, during his first postseason appearance in 2019, he crushed three home runs while batting .277 with an OBP of .372. These high-pressure moments demonstrate not only his skill but also his ability to perform when it counts most.

It is worth noting that Juan Soto was one of several athletes who tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of the shortened 2020 season. Nevertheless, he did not let this setback affect his performance as he finished fourth in National League MVP voting that year.

According to ESPN’s Bradford Doolittle and Buster Olney, “Juan Soto is one of the game’s brightest young stars.” Given all these factors mentioned above and more, it would not be surprising if he is chosen to be featured on MLB The Show 23’s cover.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. may have big shoes to fill, but at least he can wear his dad’s old cleats.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Heralded as one of the most exciting prospects in baseball, the young phenom is making waves with his impressive hitting abilities. With an innate understanding of the strike zone, Guerrero Jr. has proven himself to be a potent offensive weapon for the Toronto Blue Jays.

His natural talent and work ethic have earned him comparisons to his Hall of Fame father, Vladimir Guerrero Sr. With a keen ability to read pitchers and a powerful swing, fans can expect great things from this rising star in future installments of MLB The Show.

Additionally, Guerrero Jr.’s defensive skills are also impressive, as he has shown himself capable of playing both first and third base at a high level. With his combination of raw power and versatility on the field, he’s certainly poised to become one of the top contenders for cover athlete status in MLB The Show 23.

Interestingly, Despite his incredible potential, Guerrero Jr.’s path to the big leagues hasn’t always been smooth sailing. He faced intense scrutiny from media and fans alike during his debut season in 2019 for failing to live up to outsized expectations. However, his tenacity and perseverance have allowed him to overcome these challenges and establish himself as one of baseball’s brightest young stars.

Unlike MLB The Show 23, Shohei Ohtani’s talents can’t be confined to just one position.

Shohei Ohtani

A two-way phenom, the Japanese star has taken the MLB word by storm. Shohei Ohtani can pitch and hit exceptionally well. In 2021, he hit 46 home runs and recorded an ERA below 3. In addition, he leads in several offensive and pitching categories. Ohtani’s talent is unmatched in modern-day baseball.

As a pitcher, Ohtani throws a fastball that ranges from 98-101 mph with a devastating slider, splitter and curveball. As a hitter, he possesses brute strength and exceptional hand-eye coordination resulting in numerous home runs for his team. For his contributions, Shohei was awarded the American League MVP award, making him one of only four players to do so while playing primarily as a pitcher.

Shohei’s unique ability to excel at two vital positions sets him apart from other players in baseball history. Such feats have been unheard of for over 100 years in any level of professional baseball worldwide. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how MLB The Show 23 factors this rare gem into their gameplay.

In Japan before coming to Major League Baseball (MLB), Shohei had been told that it was impossible for someone to play at an elite level both as a hitter and pitcher at such a high level as that of the MLB. However, by excelling adequately in both facets of the game simultaneously, Ohtani shattered such notions and has established himself as one of the best players in recent memory.

Ronald Acuna Jr. could hit a home run with a rolled-up newspaper, so it’s no surprise he’s a top contender for MLB The Show 23.

Ronald Acuna Jr.

This player is a potential top contender for MLB The Show 23. Acuna Jr.’s speed, batting skills, and defensive abilities make him a well-rounded player. He has consistently shown improvement and has the potential to be one of the best players in the game. Additionally, his young age suggests that he may have years of success ahead of him.

What sets Acuna Jr. apart from other players is his explosive energy on the field. He’s always ready to make a play, whether it’s tracking down a fly ball in center field or stealing a base on the next pitch. His versatility allows him to excel at multiple positions, making him an asset to any team he plays for.

Despite some early injury struggles in his career, Acuna Jr. remains one of the most exciting young stars in baseball today. With his undeniable talent and drive to succeed, he will surely be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

According to MLB.com, Acuna Jr. became just the third player in history under 22 years old to have both 35 home runs and 20 stolen bases in a single season (joining Mike Trout and Alex Rodriguez).

Mookie Betts: the ultimate team player, unless that team happens to be the Red Sox.

Mookie Betts

One of the potential top players for MLB The Show 23 is an outfielder and right-handed batter, known for his speedy plays and impressive batting average. This player’s high energy and athleticism make him a popular choice for fans, while his ability to consistently produce strong performances has garnered attention from critics.

Some possible suggestions for improving this player in the game could include enhancing his agility, upgrading his hitting power against left-handed pitchers, and improving his defensive skills. By focusing on specific areas of strength and weakness, players can customize their approach to fit their playing style and maximize their chances of success.

It’s worth noting that this player’s real-life performance will likely be a major factor in determining his attributes in the game. As such, fans and players alike will want to keep an eye out for any updates or changes that may occur throughout the season. With careful analysis and strategic gameplay, however, this potential top contender is sure to provide plenty of excitement for fans of MLB The Show 23.

Sure, they may not have made the cut, but these honorable mentions are still more valuable than the seventh-inning stretch.

Honorable Mentions

Paragraph 1 – Acknowledged Candidates:

Several players, besides the top picks, should be discussed as potential cover artists for MLB The Show 23.

Paragraph 2 – Honorable Mentions:

  • Fernando Tatis Jr., San Diego Padres’ young and dynamic shortstop with impeccable ball-playing skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and inspiring background.
  • Tim Anderson, Chicago White Sox’s talented and charismatic shortstop, frequent award-winner, supporter of social justice causes, and a representative of the game’s younger generation.
  • Shohei Ohtani, Los Angeles Angels’ gifted pitcher and hitter who has stunned baseball fans worldwide with his versatility and exceptional performance.
  • Carlos Correa, Houston Astros’ dominant shortstop with an exceptional career record, impressive postseason achievements, and consistent leadership role.
  • Juan Soto, Washington Nationals’ young and passionate outfielder, widely recognized for his extraordinary hitting, impressive on-field zeal, and overall growth potential.

Paragraph 3 – Unique Additional Details:

Apart from their significant achievements and popularity, these underdogs share a unique trait that adds to their charm as potential cover athletes- they all hail from non-traditional baseball markets. A diverse representation of talented ballplayers from unconventional origins may appeal to a broader audience and attract new fans to the game.

Paragraph 4 – Real-Life Comparison:

Similar to how these players prove to be noteworthy in their respective teams, despite not being in the limelight as often as their counterparts, the cover athlete selection process may also showcase unexpected surprises. Just like how the overlooked yet determined players achieve their goals, the decision-makers behind The Show may announce a remarkable candidate that may pleasantly shock baseball fans worldwide.

Jacob deGrom is so dominant, even his hair follicles have a lower ERA than the rest of the league.

Jacob deGrom

The prodigious pitcher from the New York team continues to shatter records as he relentlessly hurls strikeouts. With a lightning-fast fastball and pinpoint control, he is a master of the mound. His consecutive Cy Young awards attest to his dominance in the field. It’s no wonder that many consider him the best pitcher in baseball today.

Furthermore, deGrom’s work ethic and calm demeanor stand out among his peers. He approaches each game with a stoic intensity and never lets the pressure get to him. But it wasn’t always this way for him.

In his early years, deGrom struggled to make it to the big leagues. He was drafted low and had little fanfare before making a name for himself with the Mets. His journey to success was not an easy one, but his dedication and focus paid off in spades.

As we celebrate standout athletes across various sports, Jacob deGrom’s name rightfully deserves honorable mention for his role as one of baseball’s top performers.

Looks like Bryce Harper’s hair isn’t the only thing that’s out of control.

Bryce Harper

Harper has won numerous accolades throughout his career, including Rookie of the Year award and Most Valuable Player award. He led his team to victory during the 2019 season and continues to be an inspiration for young players across the country.

In addition to his on-field success, Harper has also established himself as a role model off the field. He regularly donates to charities and participates in events that uplift communities.

While discussing Bryce Harper, it’s important to note that aspiring young athletes can learn from his dedication and passion for the sport. For those starting their careers in baseball or any other sports arena, it’s essential to work hard and consistently improve one’s skills while also helping others along the way. Even though Manny Machado didn’t make the cut, at least he can take solace in the fact that he’ll always have his bank account to fall back on.

Manny Machado

Moreover, Manny Machado is often described by his teammates and coaches as a hardworking, disciplined, and dedicated athlete who always pushes himself to strive for excellence. He is deeply passionate about baseball and demonstrates an unwavering commitment towards his craft. Off-field, Machado is also actively involved in various charitable causes supporting underprivileged children.

Interestingly, it’s noteworthy to mention that Manny Machado was born into a family with an extensive background in sports. His father was a professional shortstop in the Dominican Republic while his uncle played basketball for Marquette University.

Intriguingly, there’s one remarkable incident from Machado’s career where he showed great sportsmanship and character during a playoff series game against the Milwaukee Brewers. While running towards first base after hitting a ground ball, he accidentally kicked Brewer’s first baseman Jose Aguilar in the ankle. Despite not being liable for any penalty or foul play, Manny immediately paused his run towards first base to check on Aguilar’s condition before proceeding to finish his run.

Manny Machado’s incredible achievements and personality make him stand out as an extraordinary player both on and off-field.

Finally, we have reached the end of this article. And if you made it this far, congratulations, you deserve an honorable mention too.


Taking into consideration the recent performance of players, fanbase following, and their overall impact on the game, predicting who will be the cover athlete for MLB The Show 23 seems challenging. However, based on ongoing speculations and rumors in the gaming fraternity, Mike Trout, Ohtani Shohei, Fernando Tatis Jr., Juan Soto, and Ronald Acuna Jr. appear to be top contenders.

In fact, Mike Trout has already been a cover athlete for previous versions of the game; hence it comes as no surprise if he makes a comeback this year too. On the other hand, Ohtani’s two-way play stumps fans every time he enters the field. Additionally, young talents like Fernando Tatis Jr., Juan Soto and Ronald Acuna Jr have proven themselves as pillars of strength in their respective team line-ups.

Each suggestion sets forth a strong case for why these players would make an ideal cover athlete. For example, having Mike Trout as a face ensures sales irrespective of how well or poorly the game performs due to his popularity level among fans. Similarly, giving recognition and representation to talents like Acuna Jr., Soto and Tatis ensures that future generations have names they can emulate and enjoy watching play on virtual platforms.